exclusively for passengers of Ponant Cruises

The Coronavirus Swab

for Passengers of Ponant Cruises

Take a sample at home and receive your coronavirus test result just in time for boarding. You and your family receive our sample-collection-kits at home to take a swab sample from your throat. A designated courier picks up the probe the same day and delivers it to our specialized laboratory for analysis. Your test results are ready within one day and are directly transfered to the ship doctor - while you focus on your trip!

Free of charge for passengers of Ponant Cruises

Easily and safely take a sample at home

Results transfered directly to Ponant Cruises for fast boarding

How does it work?

The coronavirus test result just in time for boarding

Request Coronavirus swab kit online

Request the required number of coronavirus swab kits for you and your family free of charge using our online form. We will send the swab kits as quickly as possible by express delivery throughout Europe. You will receive your swab kits directly to your home or hotel on Wednesday of the week of departure at the latest.

Perform a throat swab with our swab kit

In the swab kit you will find all the materials, including instructions on how to perform a throat swab. You perform the throat swab on the Thursday of the week of departure. Immediately after the procedure, you will make an appointment to pick up your sample on the same day.

Pick-up and delivery to the lab

You can book the pick-up of your sample yourself via a link. The sample will be picked up at your home or hotel on the same day of collection, Thursday of the week of departure. Our courier service will come by within 2 hours and will bring the sample to our laboratory in Germany as soon as possible.

Arrange a pick-up time here

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or set a pick-up date by telephone


+49 176 96400505

Laboratory analysis directly to the ship's doctor

The sample is evaluated the same or the next day in a certified partner laboratory in Germany. Once the sample has been evaluated, you can see the status of the evaluation using the online findings report. The result is also sent directly to the ship's doctor.

Ask our team!

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+49 176 96400505

CoronaOne and Ponant work together to ensure you have a safe journey. We make testing for Coronavirus as easy as possible so you can sit back and enjoy your journey.