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exclusively for passengers of ABC Cruises

The On-Board Coronavirus Swab for ABC Cruises

Take a swab sample on board, drop it off at the reception, and receive your coronavirus PCR test result just in time for your flight back home. Get your swab kit ready and book your video consultation now!

Free of charge for passengers of ABC Cruises

Easily and safely take a sample in your cabin with our video doctor

International travel certificate sent to you the next day

How does it work?

Visit our video doctor

Book an appointment with one of our video doctors. You will receive an email with detailed instructions on how you can enter your appointment afterwards. Make sure to have your swab kit at hand when your consultation begins.

Perform a throat swab with our video doctor

Log into your consultation. Your doctor will ask you to take a swab sample. Open your swab kit to find all the materials needed for your sample collection, including instructions on how to perform a throat swab.

Drop off swab kit at the reception

After your sample collection, follow the rest of the instructions to package and label your sample box correctly. You will the drop off your swab kit at the reception. From here, your sample will be picked up and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Receive laboratory analysis to your email

Your sample is evaluated by the next day in a certified laboratory in Germany. Once your sample has been analyzed, you can see the status of the evaluation using the online findings report. The result is also sent directly to your email.

Check your lab results now!

Need help?

Ask your reception team for general inquiries:

+49 (0) 30 921 075 21


Ask CoronaOne for your results:

+49 (0) 30 921 075 21

CoronaOne and Ponant work together to ensure you have a safe journey. We make testing for Coronavirus as easy as possible so you can sit back and enjoy your journey.