Coronavirus swab-kit with lab analysis (PCR)

With our sample-collection-kit, you can take a throat swab at home. The swab is collected directly from your front door and delivered safely to the laboratory. You will receive your result online the very next day.

PCR analysis for RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a laboratory

139 GBP

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How does it work?

Order coronavirus sample-collection-kit

In our online shop you can order the coronavirus sample-collection-kit. The price includes all services attached to it. We will send your test kit the same day by express - free of charge, of course.

Taking the swab at home

With our sample-collection-kit you can easily and safely perform a throat swab. Afterwards, you determine a collection time for your sample online. You do not even have to leave the house for this.

Express delivery to the lab

Your sample will be picked up at your front door by a specialized partner for medical sample transportion. The sample will be at the laboratory on time the next day. You can track the status online at any time.

View laboratory analysis

Your sample will be evaluated the very next day in a certified partner laboratory. This way you receive the laboratory result in only 24 hours.

How do I do the swab?

The throat swab serves as a sample for your coronavirus test. Therefore, performing it correctly is essential for correct results. To ensure that you do everything correctly with the throat swab, we have prepared instructions with pictures and a video. All instructions have also been checked by a doctor.

How does the shipping work?

Your sample will be picked up at your front door on your appointed date. We do not simply send your sample by post, but with specialized laboratory couriers or the FedEx dangerous goods transport. In this way we ensure that your sample is transported safely and is at the laboratory the next day at the latest.

How is the swab analysed?

We perform the analysis of your swab exclusively in accredited and certified partner laboratories in Germany. These laboratories are specialists in diagnostics and are subject to strict legal requirements. Your swab sample is analysed using the PCR method, the gold standard of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics.

Coronavirus swab-kits for companies

Protect your employees from coronavirus. With our sample-collection-kit and laboratory analysis, we offer your company a simple, fast and inexpensive solution to protect your employees. Whether in production, field service or customer contact - we make testing possible!